This is an archival version of Find My Cite. The current version can be found here.

Find My Cite Beta

Are you a Zotero user? Do you ever wish you could search your libraries by ideas—not keywords? Then this page is for you. Follow the steps below to download information from one of your group libraries and search it using an "idea" search. That is, it will match your search with the semantic content of text from your library. That means you don't have to use the exact language found in a text to find a cite.

To make this site widely available (i.e., let me run it from a free web server), the work is offloaded to your browser. This means you'll have to reload a bunch of stuff every time you load this page. So you might consider leaving this tab open. ;)


To search across semantic content, we transform words into numbers using a tool called Word2Vec. This lets us use math to compare how similar text in your library is to your query. To learn more, check out this video lesson on Word2Vec. Load Word2Vec to proceed.

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